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    Mike Z (Edited )

    You need to do the following things:

    1. Create a Syntasa service account
    2. Create an account in GA for the service account
    3. Provide the service account rights the following permissions in GA:

    Instructions for creating service account in GCP:

    1. Login to GCP
    2. Select the appropriate project
    3. Search for “Service account” in the top search bar
    4. Select “Service accounts IAM & Admin” in the drop down
    5. Click the top button to create service account
    6.  On the 'Service account details' screen:
    • Provide descriptive name (i.e. syntasa-ga)
    • Service account ID (i.e. syntasa-sg@<default iam domain>) recommended to keep the ID Google suggests
    • Service account description: Service account for Google Analytics access)
    • Ensure the account is set to active
    • Create a key, a key file will be downloaded. Keep this key file as it will be needed for the app to make the GA API connection.
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